Sara Chia-Jewell is a mixed-race actor born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  She emigrated to the UK alone at the age of 13 to attend a state-funded boarding school. Sara later received a scholarship to the University of California Santa Barbara, trained at Michael Howard Studios New York, and is now based in London, UK.

Sara starred in $10k LaCie Grand Prize Winning film LUNCH.  She was nominated Best Actress in a leading role at Unrestricted View Film Festival for feature film Shopping Channels.  Sara voiced the titular role in Cycling with Molly which premiered at Encounters Film Festival 2021 and led to a nomination.

One of her favourite roles was playing "The Left Lung" in devised physical theatre piece Her Body is a Minefield (White Bear, UK).      


Sara is a black belt Kickboxer, with Broadsword and Weapons training. She competed nationally in Swimming and is an AOW Scuba Diver.  Sara speaks native Mandarin Chinese.

In 2021 Sara added her mother's maiden name, Chia, to her surname upon finding out she was only not given it at birth because they charged extra for registering a new born with the mother's name. Madness.

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